• Volcanic action in Iceland

    ágúst 29, 2014

    Status of seismic activity at Vatnajökull glacier.

    A small and brief eruption took place last night north of the glacier
    Friday 29 August – 13:00

    In short: Continuous earthquakes have been detected since 16 August at Bárðarbunga volcano, located in Vatnajökull glacier. Earthquakes have been continuous and frequent and have been measured up to 5,7 magnitude. A small eruption started in a rift of approximately 1 km length around midnight last night, north of the glacier. No signs of ash clouds on radar, and lava flow was limited. Today it appeared that the eruption had already receded, thus lasting only 3-4 hours and creating a very limited lava flow. The status is however closely monitored by scientists and relevant authorities. All airports in Iceland are open. No alert is in place for other areas in Iceland.


    október 16, 2013

    LETS HAVE SOME FUN IN ICELANDIceland has been said to be the incentive planners paradise as the Icelandic nature supplies the inspiration needed for an injection of creativity and team-building.

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  • Marmot rides Iceland

    október 9, 2013

    Discover the land of the Vikings with the Marmot PRO Team! Iceland is famous for its stunning fjords, breathtaking waterfalls and unique landscapes. The team went on a road trip from South to North, in search of the best spots for skiing and ice climbing.

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    Marmot rides Iceland


  • A must-see 8min. video on Iceland.

    október 9, 2013


    Get the „Taste of Iceland“ in approximately 8 minutes. Discover the beauty of the Icelandic Nature. Why visit Iceland? Because it’s close, it’s easy, it’s exotic!

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    A must see 8min. video on Iceland.



  • The Simpsons in Iceland with Sigur Ros

    maí 7, 2013

    Following in the animated footsteps of U2, Rolling Stones and Daft Punk, Icelandic band Sigur Rós are the latest music greats set to star in series The Simpsons! The Icelandic music legends will make an appearance in the 24th season finale which will be aired on May 19th in the US.

    The Simpsons in Iceland with Sigur Ros

    The finale sees Homer and the gang have a run-in with the band in Reykjavik with plenty of animated Icelandic adventures ensuing. As if a guest appearance wasn’t enough, Sigur Rós have also composed music for the episode and are expected to cover the iconic Danny Elfman theme song for the occasion…

  • Iceland ranked #1 in Hospitality!

    maí 7, 2013

    Iceland and its capital city of Reykjavík are included on most travel lists as being exotic, exciting, adventurous, unspoiled, and incredibly welcoming. Yes, we ranked this year as #1 out of 140 countries on the World Economic Forum‘s list of hospitality towards international travelers, with a score of 6.8 out of 7.

    Iceland is one of very few countries in the world who enjoy a two-digit percentage increase in visitor numbers year after year. 

    Until recently, the majority of visitors came to Iceland over a very short high-season period from June – August. This is changing, with over a 35% increase this year in visitor numbers during what used to be a pure off-season period, January – February.  More and more visitors are experiencing Iceland as a winter wonderland, with glacier activities, wild explorations and the incredible Northern Lights, not to mention our warm and welcoming restaurants and bars. 

    Visitor numbers are increasing in all sections of the market, not least in the MICE sector. Atlantik, DMC is for example foreseeing its busiest year in the history of the agency. We are also celebrating our 35th Anniversary this year, as a leading agency in Iceland, and we are moving to new and spacious new office this week.

  • Moving and Improving

    mars 25, 2013

    Atlantik has moved offices to a new and substantially bigger premises at Sudurlandsbraut 4a, 108 Reykjavik.  All phone numbers remain unchanged. We welcome you to our new location!