Atlantik regards it as a matter of priority to keep the environment clean and unpolluted and will make an effort to ensure positive impact in various social, economical, cultural and environmental ways. To this end, Atlantik will:

  • Work at improvements every year which help to reduce pollution and the waste of valuable resources, for example, by means of reuse, recycling, energy savings and the utilisation of environmentally viable substances.
  • Opt for local goods and services, as far as possible, as well as those which minimise negative environmental impact.
  • Seek further education on matters relating to the environment, and channel such information onward to staff.
  • Take the initiative in improving the performance and image of Icelandic tourism, guided by the concept of sustainable development, as well as encouraging the ministries, public institutions, local government, fellow tour operators and associations to make their own contribution to this effort.
  • Work towards the accreditation of Icelandic tourism operators, tourist destinations, local communities and individual projects in the field of tourism, individually or jointly, in the spirit of sustainable development and in accordance with the best available standards.
  • Promote continual improvements in environmental and social matters, both in its own operation and in Icelandic tourism as a whole.
  • Make use of renewable resources, support the protection of treasures of cultural and natural heritage and oppose waste of all kinds.
  • Comply with the provisions of law, regulations, international agreements, and agreed planning in the field of tourism operations.

For guidance towards the goal of highest standards in all aspects of business practices and to meet the best comprehensive assessment criteria , Atlantik has joined VAKINN, Iceland tourism's official quality assurance organization and is proud to carry VAKINN‘S official quality label and the Environmental Gold Award Label.